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The Foundations of Good Skin

So a lot of us want good skin.  But a lot of us also want a short cut.  We might want to engage in slightly extreme measures to bring back our youth.  Maybe this one treatment will work.  Maybe this thing my friend did will work.  Maybe maybe maybe…

If you look at Hollywood’s brightest stars, you will see that most of them are still aging.  Granted, most of them have the resources to fight aging in a way that you and I will never have, but we do still have resources.  Here’s the thing.  If we aren’t willing to commit to a regimen of skin care/self-care. what makes us think that some treatment is going to do all the work for us?  Most ethical treatment providers will require you to do the home care anyway.  Why not start there and get several months of that under your belt before you move forward with the more aggressive options.

And another thing: your skin and your body want you to live right.  Yes, I am the skin and body whisperer.  They want you to cut out the alcohol, the sugar and they for sure want you to stop running your body ragged so it can have time to rest and repair.  Your skin and body need all of that and MORE if you want to see results.  Taking care of the outside of the body by making good lifestyle choices actually takes care of the inside as well.

And one thing about results: you have to be practical.  We all want 20 or 30-year-old skin, but reality dictates that we do not have that, and will not have that because we are perhaps a couple of decades past those years.  What we CAN do is learn to enjoy the skin we’re in because I can guarantee you that another 10 or 20 years from now, we will wish for the skin and body (and everything else) that we have today.

So be encouraged to begin to invest in yourself and your skin on a practical level and know that everything has maintenance and upkeep.  Even laser treatments (they have upkeep AND downtime).  Plan to invest in self-care no matter what you decide.

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