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Hungarian Mud Back Facial

Includes a gentle cleanse, sugar scrub, and warm Hungarian mud which is said to ease muscle aches and pain.  Includes foot and leg massage as well as extractions on the back, if needed.  We top it off with a back massage to ease away stress and tension.

60 MIN $129

Hydrating Back Facial

This is the same service as the Hungarian Mud Back facial, but we use gentle heat and a deeply moisturizing balm to hydrate and make the skin happy instead!   Includes back massage!

60 MIN  $129


Spa, physiotherapy or cupping therapy woman for massage, back pain or luxury wellness medi

Quick and easy- cupping helps with chronic tension and pain.

At Bloom, we offer Cupping as a targeted solution for chronic muscle tightness and stiffness. Cupping creates suction to loosen tight fascia and increase blood flow to problem areas, promoting natural healing, reducing painful muscle tension and increasing range of motion.  Includes the use of heat, topical pain products and a cool down to keep things loose! Don't let tight muscles hold you back, schedule your Cupping Session today!

30 min $50

45 min $70

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