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Eyebrow Lamination Update


So my eyebrows are regaining their will to live and right now, we’ve entered into a bit of a disheveled look.  I am digging it! 

Maybe it’s because I’m a rebel at heart and I’m rooting for them brows to be who they really want to be.  Which is normal or average or whatever.  You GO, brows.

So while I’m happy for the new growth that is militant in the way that it wants to grow (like I said: normal), I’m still happy that a full 75% of my eyebrow strands (do we call them hairs?  Fur?  I dunno…) are still either completely obedient or completely confused.  And sometimes some of them still look a little crimpy, but I’m ok with that because that disheveled look is a tiny bit reminiscent of that bushy 80’s brow.

And since I’m a rebel, I’m not fully embracing the modern brow (bold and well defined).  I’m just kicking back with the completely inconsequential look of what I got going on (because nobody.really.cares. about my brows, and I’m totes OK with that).

But this shit is still fun.  Experimentation is fun (when it’s not likely to get you killed).  SO that’s what I do, and will continue to do.  But back to the brows.  What do I really think?

I like it. 

And I’ll be looking for a system I like and want to offer to my clients, so they can experiment, too.  Because IMHO, life is about creating, trying new things and having a blast with all of it.

So what’s next for the brows? 

Stay tuned.  Will they fall off next time I Laminate?  Will I get properly trained instead of engaging in experimentation (yes, even though it isn’t rocket science)?  Or will I even opt to go deeper with the brows and decide to learn permanent makeup?  Who knows!?  But I will certainly keep any interested parties informed.

Till then, stay You (but have some fun, dammit).


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