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Bloom’s Self Care Manifesto

At Bloom, we really focus more on rituals of stress reduction than aggressive skincare treatments because we believe that beauty starts deep within the soul and emanates out like rays from the sun.  A radiant soul and a smile is the best accessory, ya know what I mean?

People spend a lot of money trying to look good on the outside, but if they never take the time to feel good on the inside, their essence is incomplete.

If we want to create good skin,  we need to create skin and body routines that work for us and then to follow through on them.  The people I’ve seen who have the best skin are the ones that use a few really good products consistently and self-lovingly, not necessarily the ones who have had the most med-spa procedures.  

As a matter of fact, feeling like you need to always be “fixing something” about yourself creates a stress all it’s own, and stress is pretty much beauty public enemy #1.  We need to affirm and embrace who we are, right now, and let that societally forbidden self-love and self-acceptance give us the radiance we are looking for.  

All day long, our faces and bodies endure the onslaught of pollution, dehydration, radiation, and stress (just to name a few) and so at Bloom we work to give back to the skin and body, rather than take more away.  We believe that our skin and bodies need kindness, and kindness can be hard to find out there, so we gotta learn to give it to our deserving little selves.

Our bodies deserve our thanks, and frankly, they deserve our love.  

Our bodies deserve to be recognized for their service- they deserve to be recognized for showing up every day.  I know, we think they don’t have a choice, but they do. Sometimes parts of us that are left untended and unloved just stop functioning properly.  We have to learn to love and treat our bodies right, so that they may run well into the future for us.

So at Bloom, we create a sacred space where our guests can unwind and then re-assemble themselves to face the world with strength and a sense of centeredness.

Our work is to build up and nurture the mind and body and leave you feeling the way you are supposed to feel.  Good, happy, healthy…serene.  Attaining that state takes practice and intention.  We like to assist with that process and hopefully, offer some skills and support to help you cultivate a little more of that on your own.

So take care of yourself.  Do your self-care.

Do it for you and the people you love, because YOU matter.  Lotta people probably depend on you. Take the time to fill your cup so you have more of all the good stuff to pour out.  

❤ Bloom

Photo by Chris Jarvis on Unsplash

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