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To book an appointment online: 

Click on the "Book Now" button anywhere on the site or call or text 303-551-1622.


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Facial Services:

spa, health, beauty, resort and relaxation concept - beautiful woman in spa getting facial
The Super Bloom Signature Facial

We call this the 80-Minute Spa Day.

It's a powerful mind/body experience because it is so deeply physically and mentally relaxing.

It's the perfect escape from stress, working too hard/too much- or just a nice little one-person getaway.

Includes a 60-minute facial for the skin with high-quality, professional skincare that will nourish and hydrate dry or stressed-out skin.

Also includes a deeply relaxing hot towel foot massage along with (and here's what makes it special) 20 minutes of back massage perfection.

This is the service you pick when you want to feel deeply relaxed and fully recharged.

80 min $149

More for the Face...

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Relaxing Facial Session
spa, health, beauty, resort and relaxation concept - beautiful woman in spa getting facial
The Super Bloom Deluxe Facial

120 minutes of Beauty and Bliss.  Includes 30-minute back massage with gently warmed stones and an extended facial that includes a luxurious foot scrub and massage as well as a soothing, deeply hydrating mask and massage for the hands. Neck and shoulder massage is included in the facial.  Delightful!

120 min $199  

The Bloom Deep Clean Facial

This facial is focused on deep cleansing the skin and removing impurities.  

Since it takes a while for the skin to get congested, it can take a while to really get it cleared out.  Proper home care with the right products will assist in keeping things clear, so recommendations may be made during or after your treatment.

Includes exfoliation, hydration, and extractions, if needed. 

75+ min $129

The Bloom Clinical Facial

After our consultation, we build a facial that is perfect for you.

This may include nano-needling, microdermabrasion, stimulating masks and enzymes, LED light, microcurrent, or any other treatment options we have available that would benefit your skin.  

This is your go-to for addressing aging skin. 

75+ min $139

The Bloom Brighten-Tighten Facial

This multi-step, results-driven treatment contains vitamin C to brighten the skin and rejuvenating acids and enzymes to gently smooth and exfoliate, giving noticeable results in just one treatment. 

Includes hot-towel foot massage and neck and shoulder massage to boot! And if you add on the 20-minute back massage, you are guaranteed to feel like a million bucks. 

(Not recommended for sensitive skin.)

60 minutes $129  (no back massage)
90 minutes $149 (includes 20-minute back massage)

The Bloom Chill Facial

60 minutes of relaxation, hydration, and pure me-time.  This is a great choice for a first facial or as a gift for someone who deserves some TLC. 

Includes hot towel foot massage as well as neck and shoulder massage to deeply relax and renew both mind and body.

60 minutes- $119

The Bloom Clear Skin Facial

Got Acne?  The Clear Skin Facial is for those who have breakouts and want to get on the path to clearer skin FAST.  Includes extractions, if needed. 

Also includes a full consultation to spot the culprits that might be causing your breakouts. 

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60-minutes-  $119

75- minutes- $129

90-minutes- $139

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