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For the Body

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Hungarian Mud Back Facial

Includes a gentle cleanse, sugar scrub, and warm Hungarian mud which is said to ease muscle aches and pain.  Includes foot and leg massage as well as extractions on the back, if needed.  We top it off with a back massage to ease away stress and tension.

60 MIN $129

Hydrating Back Facial

This is the same service as the Hungarian Mud Back facial, but we use gentle heat and a deeply moisturizing balm to hydrate and make the skin happy instead!   Includes back massage!

60 MIN  $129

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Hand Massage
Just Back Massage

30 minutes of massage on the back only, including hot towels and warm stones. We also pre-heat the back for 10 minutes with infrared heat to make the session as productive as possible.  This is done on the treatment table.

40 MIN  $85

Just Neck Massage

25 minutes of massage on the neck and upper shoulders only.  We heat the neck and shoulders and work the tight muscles in the neck and shoulders.  Includes warm and cool stones.  This is done using a massage chair because it allows for better access to the muscles of the neck and shoulders.  

25 MIN  $55

Just For Feet

This is a quick pick-me-up for the feet and lower legs! Includes a cleanse, scrub, and relaxing foot massage. If the foot massage is your favorite part of a massage or a pedicure, this is perfect for you!

40 MIN  $75

Just For Hands

For some people, hands are where it's at.  This treatment includes an exfoliating hand scrub along with a hot towel wrap and hand massage to deeply relax those hard-working hands.

30 MIN  $65

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