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Have you heard how powerful stem cells are in the rejuvenation of the human body? 


It's dang near miraculous. 


But can stem cell technology be used in skin care?

Yes, but maybe not the way you might think.

In medicine, stem cells are used in their living state.  They require nutrients to stay alive, just like we do, so you can't put them in a skin care formulation because they wouldn't survive.  But the proteins that stem cells make can.

We use AnteAGE skincare at Bloom.  And AnteAGE uses bone marrow stem cell proteins to greatly improve the appearance of the skin.  And with continued use, it just keeps getting better.

AnteAGE is good for aging skin, irritated, inflamed skin, and skin in need of repair.  We use it in conjunction with our clinical services like microneedling and chemical peels, but it's even better when used regularly at home. 

For more information, check out

or the blog by the creators of AnteAGE at

Schedule a service and ask about AnteAGE or give us a call.  We would be happy to give you more information.





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