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Why You May Not See Results From Your New Skincare Regimen

Updated: May 26, 2023


Photo by Nika Akin from Pexels

So you just got a new skincare line to try.  Maybe just one product, but whatever. 

You scoured the internet, looking at reviews. You searched high and low for the perfect solution to your aging skin.  You asked your friends (while avoiding the ones who are selling skincare).  You avoided those with biases and agendas.

And you found “The One”.

So maybe you dig skincare.  Maybe you’ve always been a fan.  Maybe you’ve tried your share of the newest skincare or the latest trends in your travels along Skincare Ave.

And maybe none of the products are measuring up anymore.  What?  Has everything come to suck?

Probably not.  What’s probably happening is that you have already taken such good care of your skin that it’s already benefited from all the goodness you’ve slathered on it.

The good news (and the bad news) is you’ve topped out.  

That’s good because you’ve been taking care of yourself, but bad because you’ve hit the skincare ceiling.  But that’s OK.  That means that you’ve been doing your job in looking after yourself.  KUDOS to YOU.

But you are still left with products that are no longer working magic.  What can you do now?

Well, you probably have to do something else.  Maybe something a little more aggressive.  Maybe something like in-office treatments at a med-spa.  And that’s OK.  There are some pretty amazing treatments out there that are based on sound scientific principles pertaining to skin rejuvenation.  I personally pick microneedling (for now), but there are many, many options to explore.

In the meantime: keep using the magic creams.  They are preparing your skin for other treatments you may opt for.  Just remember to disclose everything you are currently using on your skin to your skincare professional should you choose to do something more advanced.

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