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Introducing AnteAGE Skincare

AnteAGE products
AnteAGE Skincare uses advanced technology to create healthy skin.

AnteAGE skincare is my new favorite thing. I mean, there are a lot of other products that I love, but right now, this one is speaking to my soul. Why, you ask?

Science. Or even what might have been Science Fiction not so long ago.

So you know the deal on stem cells, right? They hold the key for healing and regeneration. They can differentiate/transform into whatever cell they need to be to heal the body. The problem is, our body's supply of stem cells is depleted as we age. They become diminished and/or defective over time which means our bodies no longer have the ability to regenerate themselves the way they did in our youth. You can see the outward visible effects of this as wrinkles, age spots and other signs of skin aging and damage. And what's going on outside of our body is a good indicator of what's going on inside our bodies., which is a good reminder to take better care of ourselves overall.

So a skincare product with stem cells should be good, right? Wrong. Any product that says it has stem cells is already lying to you (naughty little products!) Stem cells are living cells that must be in a culture that sustains their life. The culture must have nutrition for the cell to stay viable, the same way you and I have to have nutrition. No nutrition, no life.

So what AnteAGE has done is bypassed the need for living stem cells and harvested the proteins from healthy stem cells to use for skin regeneration. These proteins not only repair damaged cells, but they also communicate with other cells (including vitamins and antioxidants) to direct them in repairing tissue.

Pretty cool stuff, right? And this bit of info is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned for more info on AnteAGE skincare science and schedule your appointment to experience your best skin now.

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