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Holding You-Space

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Have you ever noticed the way that the days just fly by?  Seasons change before we’ve acclimated to the one we’re in.  Target starts selling school supplies in June and bikinis in January (ok maybe y’all are going on a trip). 

I would like for time to just STOP once in a while so I can be where I’m at and not somewhere in the future!  The days whip by and we try to keep up with the tyranny of the urgent (AKA our “to do list”).  In all this spinning, there’s no time to just BE.  Before you know it, years go by and you wonder where they went.

And in all this chaos, there’s no time to be still. 

There’s no time to consider how special your trip on this planet is.  How unique and one of a kind your life is.  How irreplaceable and spectacular you and all the ones you love are and how you intersect in the most wondrous ways.  Everything kinda loses its specialness in the blur of constant activity.

So maybe you have to schedule the special.

You know, the same way the holidays are scheduled.  On some of the holidays, the whole world seems to stop and get on the same page.  That’s great all, but through the rest of the year (and even around the holidays) you need to stop and get on the same page with yourself. 

Enter: self-care.

I know, I know.  Self-care, schmelf-care.  But you gotta do it.  You gotta take care of you.  Doesn’t matter how, as long as it nurtures your soul and makes you feel renewed.  New hairstyle, mani-pedi, massage, amazingly relaxing facial (hint hint).  Doesn’t matter what.  It only matters when.  And the when is as often as you can, because you are worth investing in. 

You are worth doing things that cause your soul to blossom- even in the dead of winter.

So do something that makes you feel like the OOAK special creature that you are.  Do something that makes you feel like Beyoncé for the day.  Smell good, look good, feel good.  Pick a day every now and then to actually be in.  Bring someone with you, or just bring yourdangself.  Revel in just being and for just a little while, feel special.

What are you waiting for?  You can Google OOAK later!

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