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Empath Self-Care (Chapter 1) :D

I was raised by an empath (hi mom!) and empaths are governed by their hearts. 

They love people, they help people, they try to fix people, they see beauty in everything… Luckily, some of my mom’s empath goodness rubbed off on me (just a smidge, lol).

The problem is, people often exploit those traits in empaths.  They consume the energy and resources of the empath, and then they vanish, leaving them to emotionally dry up and die.

This can happen with family, with friends and in romantic relationships.  And it’s happened to me. It’s probably happened to all of us.  

And so luckily, I was already in the business of wellness.  But even though I was already in the biz, I didn’t know how important self-care really was.  And what’s funny about that is that empaths often don’t even acknowledge that they even have a self because they are busy taking care of everyone else’s self.

And when you don’t tend to the self, it suffers like a plant you never water. 

My experience with that toxic friend forced me to learn about healing on so many different levels.  I’ve studied SO MANY healing modalities and read so many books and combined with my own experience, I’ve really learned how important it is to take the time to invest in your personal well being.  To do things that make you feel better, things that make you feel happy.

But first, if you’re way out of touch with your self, you might have to figure out what those things are.

If you’re like I was, you might feel guilty for even thinking about taking care of yourself because you’re supposed to serve.  You’re supposed to come last.

Embracing some formality of being last really doesn’t prove anything to anyone. 

It just cements the idea into your head that you deserve to be last. You don’t. You deserve fairness.  And our families need to understand the concept of fairness among family members as well. In fairness, we all need a piece of the pie.  We all need sustenance on every level of our existence.

So let me encourage you to be aware of the people who drain you.  And let me encourage you to pull your energy back from those people, just a little to start.

Let me encourage you start to put yourself on your to-do list in any way that makes you happy.   And if your idea of self-care is a visit to the spa (even a little dinky one like mine) give me a call.  (303-551-1622) ❤ ❤

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