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Best Bang for your Buck Skin Treatments


According to Dr. Anthony Youn, author of the book The Age Fix, there are 7 “Best Bang for your Buck” anti-aging treatments that he recommends.  They are as follows:

#7 Microneedling #6 Upper Blepharoplasty #5 Chemical Peels #4 Submental Liposuction #3 Retin A #2 IPL Intense Pulsed Light #1 Dysport

Here’s the good news: Microneedling and Chemical Peels make the list!  Both of those are very accessible.  Here is a little info on each item that made the list:

#7 Microneedling A microneedling treatment preferably done by a doctor or other qualified professional done with growth factors makes the list.  A PRP facial aka the “vampire facial” uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which contains growth factors from your body (derived from your blood where the platelets are separated out to create “platelet-rich plasma”) which is then needled into the skin for rejuvenation, but there are other growth factors that can be used with needling without the need to draw blood (AnteAGE is one great option see  Microneedling can improve fine lines, tighten the skin and help with mild scarring.  It does not help with melasma (and can actually worsen it) or glycation (damage of internal and external skin tissues from too much sugar).

It’s best to consult a professional pertaining to this treatment because it can cause permanent adverse effects if the wrong products are used in conjunction with needling.  Studies have shown granulomas (foreign bodies embedded in the skin) can be caused by certain forms of vitamin c or possibly other ingredients when penetrated into the skin via needling.  Also, certain contraindications apply- things like acne, keloid scarring, herpes cold sores during an outbreak and recent sun exposure among others.

#6 Upper Blepharoplasty This is an eyelid lift.  If this is covered by your insurance and your doctor says you need it to make sure your vision isn’t obstructed, you can get great results. for heaviness of upper eyelid

#5 Chemical Peels You can get a good, moderate depth peel for a very reasonable price.   Peels can improve the appearance of age spots and help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but you absolutely must be investing in (and using) good home care.  We like to do gradual peels to create results, rather than mid-depth peels, but for some clients, a moderate depth peel can be a good idea.  It’s never a good idea to overdo peels as being too aggressive with the skin too often can be counterproductive.

#4 Submental Liposuction This is liposuction of the fatty tissue under the chin (reduces the “double chin” look).  Generally, this is not a health issue and is elective surgery.

#3 Retin A Dr. Youn believes that Retin A (retinoic acid) is the best anti-aging product, but it is dispensed by prescription only.  It can cause irritation so you have to monitor how much you use and how often you use it and adjust accordingly.  Many people have used Retin A without any trouble, but do your due diligence in deciding whether it’s a good option for you.  There are many people who shouldn’t use it (especially pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant) and there are many possible side effects that should be investigated.  Glycolic acid products are an alternative that can be explored, as well as other forms of vitamin that are converted into retinoic acid by the skin.

#2 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) IPL is good for removing pigment from aging (sun spots) or redness from rosacea.  It typically turns dark spots darker which are then are shed by the skin.  Dr. Youn says it’s not terribly aggressive and it can be done at many med-spas.  It has more reported benefits that are worth investigating.

#1 Dysport Similar to Botox, this treatment works to eradicate wrinkles that come from the repeated muscular movements in the face.  The wrinkles that are caused by movement are called dynamic wrinkles which occur as you make facial expressions.  They are considered static once they are there without any expressions.  Dysport can prevent some static wrinkles by lessening the repeated creasing of the skin due to muscle contractions.  Some favorite spots for Dysport are the “11”s between the brows and crow’s feet.

So out of all 7 options, Bloom offers both microneedling and chemical peels as well as options for Retin A alternatives.  If you are considering giving either service a try or are in the market for some skin care products, contact me via my website at

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